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PSIA-E/AASI conducts nearly 500 educational and certification events a year, ranging in size from less than ten to five hundred attendees. Dozens of topics are offered in all disciplines in such diverse areas as teaching methods, personal skill improvement, new products, sports science, communications, customer service, gender & age related issues and much more.

In addition to our primary disciplines, we offer specialized programs for Children’s educators, seniors and racing enthusiasts.





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alkalinina40660Kristina Kalinina
@PSIAEAASI Whenever everybody wants to reach happiness. But anybody hasn't reached it yet. Why? ->
2 weeks ago
BrendanRGradyBrendan Grady
Instructor training begins at Wachusett this weekend!Come join us and ski for free this year! @Wachusett @PSIAEAASI
2 weeks ago
@PSIAEAASI Examiner Carl Boyer took me places I've never been before @Snowbird @POCSports
2 months ago

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