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Fall Indoor Courses

Camelback Mountain, PA

October 27 – October 30, 2016

Open to all PSIA & AASI Members – Non-Members may attend for an additional $25

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At Your Service – Mark Absalom – Open to all

Master the ABC’s of Service by exploring why excellence in service is important; learning some simple processes that can help improve the service we provide on a constant basis; and by strengthening the personal skills we possess that help us stay motivated. The course helps snowsports teachers provide our resort guests with experiences that are filled with Achievement, Belonging and Contribution, all the time!

Stance and Alignment – Bill Haight – Limited to 10 Participants

Course content will help participants break down and understand the skier system, leading to improved movement analysis. Course conductors will examine lower extremity anatomy and function, varying boot constructions, footbed casting techniques and different nuances of each system. Course leaders will also discuss heel lifts, toe lifts, Q-angel, and cant measuring protocols, and help participants understand how to assess a guest’s equipment needs. It is highly recommended participants bring their ski boots for analysis; however it is not a requirement.

Anatomy – Richard Frear – Open to all

Study the normal structure of the human body. Special attention is given to the skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems to increase the ski teacher’s understanding of how the skeleton and muscles line up for maximum efficiency in skiing specific movements.

Backcountry Accreditation – Snow Sense and Planning – Bruce Hennessey – Open to all

This 2-day intensive focuses on backcountry snow pack and terrain where avalanche awareness is a necessity, along with route finding and navigation, clothing and equipment needed for day and overnight outings, and the specific individual and group skills that lead to successful outings where there are no trails. All disciplines are encouraged to attend with specific focus on the different Nordic, Alpine and Snowboard equipment and techniques for the backcountry.

Communication Station – Larry Robinson – Open to all

To sensitize instructors to the range of roles that communication plays in ski teaching, and to ensure that the messages sent are the ones that are meant to be sent. Participants will participate in a variety of group exercises involving many learning/teaching styles.

Exercise Physiology – Jim Polinchok – Open to all

Provides an overview of the effects of muscular activity upon the human body and its response and adaptation to stress and the environment. Gain an understanding of the physiological systems that affect skiing and riding performance and how to achieve optimal performance of these systems.

Treatment and Prevention of Outdoor Injury and Illness – Richard Frear – Limited to 10 Participants

A basic First Aid / First Responder Course appropriate for snowsports teachers. Learn basic first aid practices for dealing with accidents and injuries in the outdoor classroom environment. Required course for those interested in Backcountry Accreditation, qualifies as optional session for all others.

Movement Analysis and Creating a Lesson Plan – Dave Capron and Chris Ericson, Eastern Tech Team – Limited to 35 Participants

Eastern Tech Team Members presenting this course have designed it to help the participant get a better understanding of movement analysis and how to effectively generate a potential lesson plan. Participants will learn simple and effective strategies in breaking down movement analysis and how to format it into a lesson that will focus on the fundamental mechanics and contemporary skiing. Those attending this course will watch specific videos of Level II and Level III skiing tasks but will also view the general public skiing and pull exam scenario cards – all in the process of practicing their movement analysis skills.

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A Conversation with Fear – Mermer Blakeslee – Open to all

This course is designed to help instructors work with fear in both their students and themselves and to handle the psychological diversity in their groups more effectively.

Motor Learning – Richard Frear – Open to all

Designed to familiarize participants with the structure and function of neural tissue. To introduce principles of neurophysiology that are vital to an understanding of the nervous system’s capabilities, how it coordinates the activities of the body’s organ systems, and how these activities are adjusted to meet the changing situations and environmental conditions of the alpine world.

Teaching Skiing in Spanish – Amy Sten – Open to all

Course content will provide a very general guide for ski instructors with no knowledge of the Spanish language interested in teaching Spanish-speaking people to ski. Course will present basic ski vocabulary, simple phrases, and names of ski equipment and parts of the human body. Class instructions based on ATS phraseology. This is NOT a course for Spanish speakers.

Understanding and Interpretation of AASI National Standards – Brian Donovan – Open to all

This event is designed to help bring clarity and understanding of the AASI National Standards to the members of the Eastern Division. Participants should come prepared with questions regarding the National Standards and be ready to discuss how the standards are used to assess candidates at certification exams.

Teaching Kids on the Autistic Spectrum – TBD – Open to all

This session takes a comprehensive look at Autism Spectrum Disorder. What are some communication tools that we may use, what are some effective teaching techniques that work to provide a safe and successful experience for students on the Autistic Spectrum. How can we answer the questions and help “regular” snowsports programs that are noticing the prevalence in their lessons and want to know how to effectively teach these students.

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