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Non-Eastern Exam Policy

If you would like more information, please call the office at (518) 452-6095, or e-mail for more details.

PSIA-E/AASI members may take an exam in another division if they are working and currently residing in that division. PSIA-E/AASI members must provide written confirmation of employment and permission to take the exam from the Ski School Director for whom they are currently employed. This documentation and a letter explaining the request must be provided to the PSIA-E/AASI office prior to registering or taking an exam, and at least 3 weeks prior to the exam date. If the request is approved, the PSIA-E/AASI Director of Education will then provide written approval to the exam hosting division. It is not necessary for a PSIA-E/AASI member to transfer to or maintain dual-membership with the division hosting the exam.

If the format of the exam in the other division requires passing more than 1 part to become certified at the desired level, the entire exam/all parts must be passed in that one division. No part of an exam may be counted toward the exam process in PSIA-E/AASI or any other division should you return or relocate.

All exam results are passed onto the PSIA-E/AASI division office from the testing division as soon as possible, and generally within a few weeks. After receipt of the results, the office staff will record the pass/fail results as well as the new ranking if appropriate. If the candidate has attained a new certification level, the office will also issue and mail the appropriate pin and certificate to the member. Please note that unsuccessful exam modules/attempts do not count as educational update credits.

Revised May, 2005


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