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Regional Board Elections for PSIA/AASI Eastern Division

Regional voting for the 2017 election to the PSIA-AASI Eastern Division Board of Directors will take place online via electronic voting on a secure, dedicated web page. Online voting will begin upon your receipt of the e-mail notice and end on March 10, 2017. Official results will be announced by March 20, 2017 via broadcast e-mail, social media and the PSIA/AASI – Eastern Division website and subsequently via the SnowPro and Eastern Division web site. The terms of the new Board members will begin on April 1, providing the opportunity for newly elected representatives to communicate with constituents prior to the June Board meeting.

The election is over. Ballots were to be submitted by 11:59PM on March 10, 2017.

If you are eligible to vote, your personal invitation (including your login information and instructions) WILL BE e-mailed on January 17, 2017.

PLEASE NOTE: A reminder will be sent to all eligible voters, regardless of whether your vote was cast, including your login information and instructions again, in early March.

If you are unable to log in to vote, please address any questions to: Jodi Bedson at

Eastern Division Members belong to one of seven regions within the Division. Those regions are:

Region 1:
Maine, New Hampshire
Will vote next in 2018
Region 2:
Will vote next in 2018
Region 3:
Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island
Will vote next in 2019
Region 4:
Pennsylvania, New Jersey
Will vote next in 2019
Region 5:
Central/Western NY
*VOTING IN 2017*
Region 6:
Eastern NY
*VOTING IN 2017*
Region 7:
All states south of Pennsylvania & New Jersey
Will vote next in 2019
You are automatically assigned to be in the region where you live. If you teach in a different region and would like to vote there and attend area meetings, please notify us in writing, by mail or e-mail and we would be happy to make that change for you.

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