Coronavirus/COVID-19 Late Summer Update for Eastern Members (September 9, 2020)

Late Summer Update for Eastern Members (September 9, 2020)

I hope you have all enjoyed a safe, healthy and enjoyable summer despite the challenges and restrictions presented by the COVID-19 crisis. Despite our best efforts to preserve this annual tradition as well as the largest gathering of snowsports instructors in the country, we are sorry to announce that both ProJam and Master’s Academy will NOT be held at Killington, VT this December as originally planned.

This is due to a number of combining factors that make holding the event unwise and not viable in its current timetable and format. In short, even if we were to hold the event in December it would be much smaller, offer much less to members and likely be more expensive due to lift ticket assessments. In addition, despite all efforts to provide safety protocols we will be putting both our members, our education and our office staff at some risk by holding the event prior to the availability of a vaccine for COVID-19.

We will be exploring the possibility of running smaller regional or in-state events during that time period, and we will also continue to provide on-line educational opportunities for our members. We are also looking into a possible ProJam/Master’s Academy-like event to take place in late March or an enhanced Spring Rally when (hopefully) conditions improve and restrictions (and apprehensions) are reduced.

In addition, we hope to offer a fairly large schedule of on-snow educational events for our members. You will be receiving more information on the winter event schedule in the coming weeks as well as new online programming. That said, the situation for this coming season remains highly unpredictable and variable at this point in time and we appreciate your understanding and support.

For a list of all the new Eastern webinars and online e-learning programs available visit our page at: You can also find a list of new online courses here:

Thank you, stay safe and hope to see you on the snow in a few months!
Michael Mendrick, CEO, PSIA-AASI Eastern Division

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The following link is provided by the Center for Disease Control and contains important information about Coronavirus and COVID-19.

CDC – Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) – What You Should Know