Coronavirus/COVID-19 Statement

Late Summer Update for Eastern Members (September 9, 2020)

I hope you have all enjoyed a safe, healthy and enjoyable summer despite the challenges and restrictions presented by the COVID-19 crisis. Despite our best efforts to preserve this annual tradition as well as the largest gathering of snowsports instructors in the country, we are sorry to announce that both ProJam and Master’s Academy will NOT be held at Killington, VT this December as originally planned.

This is due to a number of combining factors that make holding the event unwise and not viable in its current timetable and format. In short, even if we were to hold the event in December it would be much smaller, offer much less to members and likely be more expensive due to lift ticket assessments. In addition, despite all efforts to provide safety protocols we will be putting both our members, our education and our office staff at some risk by holding the event prior to the availability of a vaccine for COVID-19.

We will be exploring the possibility of running smaller regional or in-state events during that time period, and we will also continue to provide on-line educational opportunities for our members. We are also looking into a possible ProJam/Master’s Academy-like event to take place in late March or an enhanced Spring Rally when (hopefully) conditions improve and restrictions (and apprehensions) are reduced.

In addition, we hope to offer a fairly large schedule of on-snow educational events for our members. You will be receiving more information on the winter event schedule in the coming weeks as well as new online programming. That said, the situation for this coming season remains highly unpredictable and variable at this point in time and we appreciate your understanding and support.

For a list of all the new Eastern webinars and online e-learning programs available visit our page at: You can also find a list of new online courses here:

Thank you, stay safe and hope to see you on the snow in a few months!
Michael Mendrick, CEO, PSIA-AASI Eastern Division

Spring Update for Eastern Members (Updated May 8, 2020)

This month marks the beginning of my 20th year as your Eastern Executive Director/CEO. When I first started at Eastern in May of 2001 I would never have imagined that my twentieth year would begin with us facing such incredible challenges as a society, as an economy and as an association. That said, I am thankful for the efforts of your professional staff and volunteer leadership in facing these challenges head on (if safely spaced, that is) and already working on how to develop and deliver what promises to be a very different 2020-21 membership year and snowports season.

While the coming year will no doubt require compromise and flexibility on the part of us all, it also provides ample opportunities for us to shake things up and get creative in both the membership experience we deliver and how we deliver it. I thank you, our members, in advance for your willingness to ebb and flow with the season ahead as “the best laid plans” may change more than once between now and the first late-autumn snowfall.

For example, at this point it impossible to say for sure if we can hold a Snow ProJam and Master’s Academy in its traditional timeframe (mid-December), format and size. We are hopeful but bringing together 500-plus snowsports pros and staff for a week of education and socializing will likely not be permitted or, even if permitted, advisable. We certainly do not want to put our members, education staff or professional office staff at risk for the sake of withholding tradition.

If necessary, we would look at combining elements of ProJam, Master’s Academy and Spring Rally into one big “welcome back” Spring SnowPro Summit in late March of 2021. Our hope is that by then a vaccine will be available and we will be free to gather together as we choose without fear or risk.

In the meantime, we are developing webinars and online programming for you to experience and enjoy in the coming months. We also plan on scheduling a variety of smaller on-hill clinics and programs as well. Stay tuned for more details.

Even sooner, your spring issue of the SnowPro will be on the way to your mailbox later this month and feature a “reward and renewal” theme. Throughout the issue you’ll read accounts from staff, volunteers and member about their rewards from moments, efforts and experiences of the past year and renewal in the hope for the future that annually comes with the spring season. We hope you’ll enjoy this special themed spring issue!

Stay active, stay safe and thank you for your continued dedication to snowsports education!
Michael J. Mendrick, CEO PSIA-AASI Eastern Division

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Statement (Updated March 16, 2020)

March 16, 2020

Good afternoon,

At 11:30 on Friday morning, March 13 we made the difficult but socially-responsible and prudent decision to cancel the rest of our exams and events for the balance of the season. This affects 102 events and 989 registered attendees in all disciplines including exams, tryouts and specialist events.

This decision reflects, respects and joins the incredible sacrifices being made by major sports leagues and events to cancel in order to minimize risk of exposure and spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19. While we recognize the dedication and efforts of you as a member to prepare for exams and participate in events we also recognize that you will have another opportunity to do so in the coming seasons. As disappointing as that is for you and for us as the organization that serves you, we cannot justify any activity the contributes to health risks for the membership or the general population.

Important: All members that signed up for events and exams will receive a full refund for the event fee in the coming weeks. Please be patient as this process will take considerable time to reconcile and process.

In addition, all members that needed continuing education credits during the 2019-20 season and did not attend a qualifying educational event will be exempted from paying any education delinquency fee with your 2020-21 dues. This applies whether or not you were signed up for an event that was cancelled since we still had some late season event options available as of March 13 when this decision was made.

You will have all next season as well to obtain and update your continuing education credits. That said, we encourage you to consider taking one of our online educational courses as a safe (no travel or exposure) option that can earn you 6 credits per course. This is not a requirement — just a suggestion should you want to complete your educational update this season. You can find out more at the following link on our Eastern Division website:

As you can imagine, we are in the highest state of activity and action at this point to handle this rapidly changing situation. However, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at or call our office at 518-452-6095.

We are very sorry to share this news with you and hope you can understand our rationale for doing so. Stay safe, healthy and please consider joining or following one of the following Eastern Division social media pages and groups to stay in touch with us (and each other) in the coming weeks and months.

Keep connected with us and fellow members during the off-season at one of our Facebook pages and groups:

The following link is provided by the Center for Disease Control and contains important information about Coronavirus and COVID-19.

CDC – Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) – What You Should Know