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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updated Information « PSIA-EAST-AASI Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updated Information – PSIA-EAST-AASI

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Updated Information

Here are some things you should know before you go to a PSIA-AASI Eastern event this winter: (Updated November 9, 2020)

Meeting inside is unlikely

We are not planning to hold indoor events or indoor meetings at our events this year. This means that we are planning to check in our members and meet our groups outside. In the days leading up to an event, the participants will receive an email telling them where their event will meet. This will likely be just outside of the lodges where we would meet during a “normal” season, but it could be somewhere else on the property, depending on the wishes of the resort management.

Resort rules rule

We will follow the regulations that individual resorts have in place. Depending on the resort, this may or may not include booting up in the parking lot. Consider having a pair of “Cat –tracks” for the walk from the parking lot!

Group sizes will be smaller

We will have a maximum of eight students in a group this year, as opposed to 10 in a group in prior seasons. Some events will have less than eight in each group to comply with resort protocols.

Who is that masked man?

Masks will be the rule. Whenever we are inside, or cannot maintain proper social distancing while outdoors, we will respect the health and wellbeing of others by wearing an appropriate facial covering. Your mouth and nose will need to be covered whenever social distancing is difficult to maintain.

Interstate Travel may be restricted

Currently, many states have travel restrictions. These restrictions are likely to change as the season progresses. When planning to attend an event, please read the travel restrictions for the state where the event will be held, so that you are not caught in a situation where you may be required to quarantine for several weeks to be in compliance with the state laws.

Some events may have a smaller number of openings

The travel restrictions that affect our members when they plan for an event also affect us by limiting where we can send our Education Staff. This will likely result in us having to limit the number of groups for many of our events. When you sign up for an event, you may be placed on a waitlist. We will do our best to find additional staff members for that event if possible.

The event schedule is likely to change

With the aforementioned travel restrictions, our event schedule is likely to change as we near the season, and as the season progresses. Currently I am optimistic about running smaller events at many different resorts this winter. I am hopeful that we may be able to offer a big Spring Rally, and maybe even a spring version of the Pro Jam/Masters Academy, but we will have to play with the cards that COVID-19 deals us. Please check the event schedule on a regular basis, as more events may open up.

Weekend events are scarce

Many resorts are anticipating restricted capacities this winter. Due to these restrictions, most resorts will not be in a position to provide comp or discounted tickets on the weekends. With that in mind, we did not schedule weekend events this year. We will be happy to provide in-house events on the weekends for the resorts that are willing to host us.

We may not hold events at some of our traditional resorts

Due to resorts having limited capacities, many resorts are expecting weekdays will become a popular option for their guests. This may limit the availability of comp tickets at some resorts, even during traditionally slow periods. We are currently working to ensure that our events are scheduled at resorts that continue to offer complimentary tickets for our members who are participating in those events.

We have to take care to be mindful of the health of those around us

The Education Staff will be under orders to cancel out of events if they discover that they have been exposed to COVID-19, or if they develop any of the symptoms of COVID-19. We hope and expect that any members attending an event will do the same. Our cancellation policy will be very lenient for anyone who needs to cancel due to illness, or exposure to COVID-19. I’m not sure who first said this, but a phrase to keep in mind when you are about to head for the mountains to ski or ride and take part in a clinic or an exam is, “Don’t be the reason we ended the season.”

What it all means

We are looking forward to getting back on the hills and mountains, and to once again feel the exhilaration and joy that skiing and snowboarding bring us. We are also looking forward to getting together to share our insights on the People Skills, Teaching Skills, and the Technical Skills that are legs of the Learning Connection Model. We are committed to doing this as safely as possible and within the guidelines set by the states where we ski and ride and by the individual resorts that are gracious enough to host our events. Remember that our event schedule is likely to change as guidelines from the states are just being announced. We will do our best to offer a variety of events near your home mountains and we will continue to offer webinars and on-line course that will allow you the option of earning education credits from the comfort of your home.

Be safe, be considerate, and we will see you on the slopes soon!

By Don Haringa

PSIA-AASI Eastern Director of Education and Programs

Attending an Event this Season? (Posted November 6, 2020)

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