Snow Sense and Planning – The first event in the Backcountry Accreditation, Snow Sense and Planning, will be held on Saturday and Sunday, October 21-22, 2017 at Loon Mountain, NH. This unique course has received accolades from NSP, AMC manufacturing reps and our members. This course is open to all disciplines and prepares you to have the knowledge needed to be out in the Backcountry in a safe and fun manner. This is a very comprehensive 2-day course and covers topics like:

  • Condensed 100 level avalanche course
  • Transceiver usage and technology
  • Orienteering: map and compass usage in the field
  • Team building and leadership
  • Safety, first aid and rescue gear needed
  • Films of Backcountry and Rescues
  • Nutrition / Hydration and clothing
  • Forms need for gear

Please bring clothes to suit the weather of the day, notebook and an open mind to learn the protocols for the Backcountry. If you have any avalanche gear of your own, feel free to bring it along. The second and third courses in the Backcountry Accreditation are typically held at Maple Wind Farm in January and March.

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Eligibility: Accreditation courses are open to certified members. Members who attend at all three courses within six seasons will receive a certificate for that specific accreditation. There is no testing involved. Members may receive a certificate for each Accreditation. For example, a member may take one accreditation event in a specific specialty area as their required continuing education every other season and receive a certificate upon completion of their last event. You do NOT need to be pursuing Master Teacher Certification to attend.

Snow Sense and Planning – Introduces participants to reading terrain/snow pack as well as types of natural and induced situations. Focuses on equipment and gear needed during daylight hours as well as overnight as well as team building skills. Provides introduction to transceiver usages, route selection and orienteering.

Collecting Data – Participants will analyze various situations and make decisions based on the information obtained. Includes small party rescue situations, traveling safely and effects from weather.

Putting It All Together – Focuses on group activities including equipment check, group travel in relation to food and hydration, route selection and safety.




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