Alpine Advanced Educator Program

Introducing the Alpine Advanced Educator Program

By Don Haringa
PSIA-AASI Eastern Division Director of Education and Programs

I am proud to announce a new certificate based program for our Level II and Level III Alpine members. The Advanced Educator Program.  This challenging new program has been designed to help veteran instructors enhance their knowledge of ski teaching. Achieving the certificate will require the participant to complete 11 courses.  There are 7 on-snow courses, 2 indoor courses, and 1 course with a combination of an on-line component, and 1 day on snow.

The on snow courses are: Biomechanics, Stance and Alignment, Children’s Specialist 2, Practical Teaching, Movement Analysis 101, Movement Analysis 201, and Coaching High End Skiing.

The indoor courses include Anatomy, and your choice of one of the following:  At Your Service, Communication Station, or the indoor version of Stance and Alignment.

The History of Snowsports is the combination of an online course and a 1 day, on-snow course.

Several of these courses have an evaluative component.  They are Coaching High End Skiing, Practical Teaching, and Movement Analysis 201.  The scoring of these courses will be at the Level III National Standard.  To complete a course, the participant must be successful in the evaluation.

Any participant who completes all of the courses will be considered to have met the Level III Teaching Standard, and therefore they will need only to successfully complete the Level III on-line exam, and the Level III Skiing exam to earn the Level III certification.

The program must be completed within 10 years of beginning the program.  The program starts on the date that the participant completes the first course.  Taking any of the courses automatically registers you in the program, which starts the 10 year clock.

Any member who starts the program, and who has taken any of the following courses within 10 seasons of beginning the program, may count those courses toward the completion of the program.  They are: Children’s Specialist -2, Biomechanics, Anatomy, Stance and Alignment (both indoor and on-snow), At Your Service, Communication Station, and Movement Analysis 101 (formerly Movement Analysis). Please note that to have any of these courses count toward the Advanced Educator Program, you must inform Melissa Skinner of those courses.

There is a strong resemblance of this program and the former Master Teacher program.  The most noticeable differences between this program and the Master Teacher program are that the Advanced Educator Program does not offer a choice of “majors,” and the Advanced Educator has on-snow evaluations built into several of the courses.  For anyone working toward Level III, the advantage of taking the Advanced Educator Program, versus the Level III teaching exam, is that in the Advanced Educator Program the courses with evaluations coach you in preparation for the evaluation.

At the PSIA-AASI Eastern Division office, we are very excited about this program.  We feel that the completion of this program will help to produce outstanding ski teachers.  Because of the evaluative components built into the program, we are able to comfortably count the completion of the program as being equivalent to a successful Level III teaching exam.  This won’t be, nor should it be easy.  Are you ready for the challenge?



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