ACE Program

What is an ACE? What (and Who?) is the Children’s Committee?

Most of our members have heard of our ACE (Advanced Children’s Educators) Staff and are aware that we have a Children’s Committee. Each has a different and important role within PSIA-AASI Eastern Division.

The ACE staff is a highly trained and very experienced group of snowsport educators specializing in Children’s snowsports education. The ACE Team is responsible for delivering the Children’s focused events to each of you who participate in these events throughout the season. In addition to delivering these events, the ACE Team plays a key role in working with the entire education staff regarding Children’s snowsports education. The ACE Team listens closely to your suggestions (the member) and shares this information with the ACE Coach. The ACE coach shares your needs with the Children’s Committee Chairperson and/or the Director of Education and Programs as part of the planning process for future needs and events.

The Children’s Committee is a volunteer group of members with a special interest in Children’s snowsports education. This committee represents you, the member, to the Board of Directors and to the Director of Education and Programs through the committee chairperson. You will want to communicate your thoughts, ideas and suggestions to your committee representative in order to address your concerns or suggestions regarding Children’s snowsports education.

Those on the Children’s Committee take your input, along with their industry knowledge, experience and national PSIA-AASI direction and consider how the Eastern Division can make our Children’s programs stronger and more effective. The committee works hard to help set standards, offer programs and to make our organization as influential as we can be in the area of teaching children of all ages the joy of snowsports. The committee realizes that our members have a great amount of knowledge, and would be happy to hear from you.

Do you know the name of your representative to the Children’s Committee? If not, click here to go to the Committee Listing.