FS1 Information

Freestyle Specialist 1 (FS1) is the first of three freestyle courses for PSIA and AASI, and it includes an evaluation component. The course includes an interactive online course; skiing/riding and teaching scenarios; and a technical discussion regarding how individuals learn and progress through beginner/novice zones.

The FS1 course is for instructors comfortable with the basics of freestyle and who are looking to continue their professional development.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Must complete the interactive online course for the Freestyle Specialist 1. The link for this course will be sent via e-mail upon registration for the Freestyle Specialist 1.
  • Must be an active participant in the course.
  • A passing score from divisional freestyle education staff based on the participant’s demonstrated knowledge, understanding, teaching, movement analysis, and on-snow movement as described in the standards below.

Evaluations of those taking the FS1 course reflect the participants’ knowledge of safety in the freestyle environment, teaching freestyle, and possess the requisite skills necessary to demonstrate freestyle maneuvers to their guests. Successful completion of the course grants professional recognition to the coach/instructor for their education, experience, and expertise in freestyle. Depending on the division, this may be a multidisciplinary course.

Instructors are encouraged to take the FS1 course once they’ve achieved Level I PSIA-AASI certification.

Participants’ achievement will be relayed via verbal feedback from the clinician throughout the course and written feedback at its end.

Experience Requirements:

  • Must be a current PSIA-AASI (or equivalent) Certified Level I
  • Must be able to ski or ride at current certification level
  • Must complete the FS1 interactive online course

The Eastern Freestyle 1 workbook is an electronic course. After you are registered for an FS1 course, you will receive a separate email invitation from Instructure Canvas [notifications@instructure.com] stating: You’ve been invited to participate in the course, AASI Freestyle Clinic, as a student. Click on that link and the course will begin. You do not have to complete the entire course in one setting. You will be quizzed throughout the course with a “final exam” at the conclusion which will represent your workbook score. This online course must be completed prior to your on-snow event.

PSIA-AASI recognizes three levels of Freestyle specialty: Freestyle Specialist 1, Freestyle Specialist 2 and Freestyle Specialist 3. Success is based on the individual’s attainment and application of discipline specific skill ability, educational expertise and experience related to teaching freestyle to the general public.

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