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Professional Knowledge Exam for Alpine, AASI, Adaptive, Master Teacher, Adaptive Snowboard & Telemark

The online professional knowledge exam is available for Alpine, Snowboard, Adaptive, Adaptive Snowboard, Telemark and Master Teacher candidates.

Online exams and courses are available from August 15 to April 15.

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  • The 2016-2017 cost to take an online exam is $20 per certification exam.
  • No Snowsports Directors Signature is required for the online portion of the exam, so you may register online if you wish.
  • After your registration has been processed, you will receive a separate email with a link to your exam (this is not automatic – we have to send it to you from the office). Save the link until you are ready to take the exam.
  • Candidates will have two attempts per season.  If the exam candidate does not achieve 70% or higher at either attempt, the exam candidate will not be eligible to attempt the exam until the following season.
  • Members who wish to pursue the above certifications this season will be required to pass an online Professional Knowledge exam prior to registering for the on-hill exam process. This online exam takes the place of the written exam, previously administered at the exam. The online exam consists of 50 randomly selected multiple-choice questions, and will have a time limit of 50 minutes.
  • To register for this exam, members can register online or complete a standard event application. Your Snowsports School Director’s signature is not required to process the written exam registration. Your Snowsports Director’s Signature is required to process all other exam registrations. Please refer to Exam Guides for further information on exam procedures and qualifications.
  • Once your application is processed, you will be sent a link from the office via email to take the online exam. The 50 minute time limit begins after you accept the terms and conditions online.
  • Should a member require special arrangements for the exam, or does not have access to take the exam online, arrangements can be made through the Albany Office by contacting the Education and Programs Department at (518) 452-6095.
    • The exam guides are listed in the EDUCATION Section of the website, under the specific discipline. You can get to those sections from the following links:


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