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¦¦¦Snowboard Dev Team Tryout

Dates: Monday, April 5, 2021 - Wednesday, April 7, 2021 from 8:45 am - 4:00 pm ET (3 Days)
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Location: Stowe (VT) (DUE TO COVID PRECAUTIONS, plan to meet your group on snow at 8:45am and wrap up between 3:30 and 4:00pm. More specific information will be sent to you prior to the event by email or text regarding your group's specific meeting location. - COVID)

Event Code: 321SB0405A

Registration Information:
- Cost: $230.00
- CEUs: 18

Event Prerequisite(s): Current PSIA-AASI Membership, Snowboard Level 3 Certification

Registration Closes: Monday, March 15, 2021, 11:59 pm ET

Online Registration: CLOSED

Offline Registration: Please call the Eastern office (518) 452-6095 during regular hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm EST.

Course Description:
Course Name: Snowboard Development Team Tryout
Discipline: Snowboard
Time: 2 Days
Credits: 12 Continuing Education Credits
Environment: Black Diamond
Prerequisites: Minimum Level III Certified
Course Description:
This will be a Team of dedicated and talented snowsports pros who want to actively and passionately contribute to the professional growth of the Eastern Division as well as push themselves to achieve their own personal growth. The ultimate goal is to help the Eastern Division provide the best snowsports education and certification possible. In addition, some members of this Team may choose to represent the Eastern Division at the National Team Tryouts.

Learning Experiences:
We work hard on keeping the tryout format as stress free and close to life as we possibly can. Expect there to be lots of skiing or riding as well as group discussion throughout the tryout. You can expect to ski or ride at the National Level III standard. Candidates will be expected to understand and perform tasks exceptionally well as these are the tasks that our members see in their exams. Successful candidates will show the following throughout the tryout:
Solid Skiing/Riding performance with the current level 3 national standards as a minimum standard.
Potential - Indicators include, but are not limited to:
• Coachable athletes.
• Solid team players.
• Solid communicators.
• Open minds, willing to explore different approaches to skiing/riding and teaching.
• Thought - strong candidates will show that they are not only recipients of knowledge, but participants in the thought process.
Technically accurate content.
All successful candidates will have a mix of these characteristics, excelling in different areas, but proficient in all. In other words, there is subjectivity to this tryout, no differently than there is in the hiring clinics at your schools. The best skiers and riders are often times not the best teachers, and vice versa. Often times, the most valued instructor at a ski area is neither the best skier NOR the best teacher, but their combination of the above characteristics mix together to create a truly gifted instructor. Best of luck with your Professional Development should you desire to become part of the Development Team!



  • Up to 14 days prior to the event: $20.00 fee

  • During the two weeks prior to the event: $25.00 fee


  • Up to 14 days prior to the event: $20.00 fee

  • During the two weeks prior to the event: $50.00 fee

  • Notice to the office must be made no later than 4:30pm on last business day before the event.

    IF YOU DO NOT SHOW AT YOUR EVENT AND DO NOT CONTACT US by 4:30pm on last business day before the event: No refund.

    IF YOUR CHECK IS RETURNED TO US: Checks returned for insufficient funds will not be redeposited. The registration will be voided unless such checks or charges are replaced by certified check, money order or cash prior to the event. For returned checks, this must include a processing charge of $25.00.

    Some resorts may require quarantine if traveling from another state.
    Please be sure to check for any travel restrictions before you register for any event or exam.
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    Please note: We expect our current event calendar to fluctuate this season more than most.
    There will likely be additions and changes as the season progresses. Please check back regularly.


    PSIA-AASI Eastern Division
    Event Participant Safety Policy

    Skiing and riding are athletic and physically demanding activities. It is the expectation of PSIA-AASI Eastern Division that each participant attending an event or exam shall possess the requisite level of fitness and stamina to participate safely, on all appropriate terrain and at a pace consistent with other members of the group. As such, PSIA-AASI Eastern Division reserves the right to have education staff reassign participants in any event that may pose a risk to themselves or others or consistently impede the progress of the group to another, more skill and fitness-appropriate event. In such a situation, an appropriate event will be recommended and the member may be transferred to that event at no charge (other than any difference in event costs) or a full refund of the originally registered event will be provided.


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