Jumping Event

2018 Jumping event returns to Lake Placid, NY

September 12-13, 2018

Online registration is available for members, after July 1.

The annual jumping event is an excellent event to begin your freestyle career. It allows you to learn how to become more aware of your body in the air, and what movements affect you during approach, take-off, performing the maneuver, and landing. The basic and simplest maneuvers will be experienced before adding more difficult ones.

This clinic is open to members and non-members, over age 16, in any discipline. Check out the Lake Placid Jump Event Facebook page for photos and videos of previous jumping events. Grab some friends and join us for a fun and educational clinic for any ability level!

Here is a link to the Facebook group for this event, which gives you a better idea of what we do at the JUMPING EVENT!
Lake Placid Jumping Event


The jumping complex is located just east of Lake Placid, NY, on route 73. Approaching from 73 west, the pools and jumps are on your left. Meet by the bleachers just outside the fence for the pool each day at 8:15am. You can’t miss it – just drive to the base of the 90-meter jump.


There is plenty of lodging nearby; go to “Lake Placid Lodging” on the web where you’ll find a lot of places to suit your style and wallet.


Training Time period will be 9am– 4pm each day, with a 1-hr lunch break. Feel free to bring lunch. There is a snack bar with lunch at the pools, and it is a short drive to town.


You must be at least AASI Level II. If you have participated in the past events, and are not Level II but could negotiate the ramp-sliding portion effectively, please contact Greg Fatigate via e-mail at: squerlok@hotmail.com. Wrist guards, knee pads and full clothing from head to toe is required for your safety.


You will be training on trampolines for at least half of the first morning. Wear clothing appropriate for working out. No shoes allowed, so wear appropriate socks. Also, jewelry and sharp objects need to be taken off. These trampolines are outside, so you’ll need to dress for the weather.

For the pool you will need:

  • Boots that can get wet for Telemark, Snowboard or Alpine.
  • Skis or boards, preferably short, 150-175 cm. It works best with less shaped skis. So your straightest, shortest pair would be the best.
  • Helmet a must. A Pro Tec or ski helmet preferred; no bike helmets because you need some type of soft or hard ear flap in case you don’t quite land right in the water. Strap must be worn.
  • PFD approved personal flotation device; not a seat cushion over your shoulders.


  • Wet suit, shorty, Lycra suits, etc. Whatever you will be comfortable in during the temperature of the day. The water is not heated; it is in the cool 70s.
  • Mouth guard found at any sports store (Play it Again, etc). One you put in hot water and form to your mouth.
  • Towels, sunscreen and cameras or video.


Day 1

8:15-8:45      Meeting/Organization/Handouts/Waivers

8:45-Noon    Framing Safety and Training Groups

  • Warm-up flexibilities
  • Trampoline etiquette and instruction
  • Landing/turning/twisting/height
  • Advanced moves for those with past training
  • Viewing National Teams who are there


1:00 – 4:00   Afternoon Gear prep/Safety on jumps/Into the water

  • Approach/Take-off/Maneuver/Landing
  • Adding tricks

Day 2

Repeat and continuation of the above. Trampoline to warm-up and into the pool when ready. The goal is to become more accurate with the basics and to add some tricks.



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