Member School Program

2020-21 National-Eastern School Membership Program


1. First, watch this video
to learn how you can use the new portal.
2. Then, log in to your MEMBER SCHOOL account (details e-mailed to directors on 10/23/2020)

IMPORTANT: In order to be approved as a PSIA-AASI Member School you must be based at and affiliated with a snowsports resort OR provide documentation that indicates you have permission to teach at that resort. No exceptions.

Last year for the 2019-20 season, we invited you to become a National-Eastern PSIA-AASI Member School with a “three tier” option for membership. Each tier added more benefits (e.g. Snowsports Seminar registration, Eastern Ed Staff training days) for your school and your instructors. Your response was awesome! We had 72 schools and resorts take advantage of this new tiered school membership program (including 9 Tier 2 and 11 Tier 3 schools)! Then, as a result of the early end to the season due to the COVID-19 health crisis, we were unable in some cases to deliver all the benefits you earned.

With all the uncertainty going into the 2020-2021 season, we remain in the position of having far more variables and questions than answers and commitments. We will still offer the National and Eastern Member School Program, however this season we will forego the tiered membership levels, provide the basic membership option and invite you to consider additional services and programs “a la carte.” For example, your Snowsports School can order training days individually based your specific needs.

Our goal with this program is to continue to support you as our key partners — the resorts and schools throughout the Eastern Division. When you join or renew your partnership investment this year, you’ll gain access to more education and training tools than ever before – all geared to help you recruit, retain, and train snowsports instructors who will be able to deliver that great guest experience to the folks who visit your area.

PSIA-AASI Eastern Division Member School

Cost: $150 ($90 to National; $60 to Eastern)
Adaptive schools only: $125 ($90 to National; $35 to Eastern)
PSIA-AASI Eastern Division Member School Benefits to include:
  • “50 for 50” Education Dollars Reward Program for Hosting Events: For every 50 lift tickets we use from your school and resort for Eastern events, we will reward you with $50 in “education bucks” that you can redeem in the following season for distribution to members of your school staff. This will help in subsidizing their Snowsports education development via attendance at Level II preps, pre-reqs and exams. Other event types need approval from the Eastern Division Director of Education.
  • Your school can also post unlimited job postings at no charge on PSIA-AASI’s Job Board.
  • A diverse (and ever-expanding) slate of e-learning courses are among PSIA-AASI’s newest educational offerings, some of which are designed specifically to help your new hires and first-year instructors get an edge on how to succeed.
  • Instantly verify your Employee’s Membership and Certification Status
  • Receive up to a 30% bulk discount on Education Materials
  • Use PSIA-AASI Job Board to fill open positions (Unlimited Postings!)
  • Guide for New Instructors E-Learning Course
  • Align your education training with PSIA-AASI National Standards
  • Use the Marketing Toolkit to Recruit New Hires & Promote Benefits of Professional Lessons
  • Order new member school plaque and use a digital badge
  • Stay updated about the latest industry news and trends
  • Build your business with the Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month Toolkit.
  • “Find a Snowsports School” Listing, Web Links & Map Location on Consumer-Oriented
For more detailed explanation of National school benefits, click here: