Categories of Membership

Registered Membership

  • Typically, this is the first level of membership.
  • Registered Members must be at least 15 years of age at the time of application.
  • Requires joining as a new member, including initial payment of dues.
  • Registered Members may attend any education events that are open to Registered Members, as well as Level I Certification Exams.
  • Registered Members do not have continuing education requirements until they become Certified Members.
  • Registered Members have access to all member benefits that do not require certification.
  • Registered Members may participate in voting.
  • Maintain Registered Membership by paying annual dues.

Active Certified Membership

  • Certified Members must be at least 16 years of age, and have attained at least Level I Certification in any discipline.
  • Certified Members must be associated with a recognized snowsports school or an organization that requires a regular program of instructor education and training to attempt certification exams.
  • All membership benefits are in place and available including Pro Deals from official National PSIA-AASI suppliers.
  • Certified Members may participate in voting.
  • Certified Members maintain active status by paying annual dues and obtain a minimum of 6 CEUs every membership year (July 1 – June 30.) See more details here.

Inactive Certified Membership

  • The Eastern Division Inactive policy has changed. Click here for more information on the changes.
  • Inactive Status is intended to be a temporary status.
  • You may choose “Inactive Membership Status” with PSIA-AASI even if you are still an actively teaching snowsports instructor.
  • To retain Inactive Status you will now be required to take 12 CEU credits (either a 2-day event, two 1-day events or a combination with online courses) within a 4 year period that starts the season you were last due for credits.
  • Pending completion of that requirement in the first four-year cycle, you have the option to continue your Inactive Membership Status for another 4 year cycle with the same 12 CEU credit requirement within the second cycle of four seasons.
  • Membership cards for Inactive status members will indicate that the member is in Inactive Status.
  • All benefits still apply, but sponsors may look at this in the future and adjust benefits as they see fit.
  • Members can move back to Active status by catching up on their missed educational clinics, so a member who has only done 2 days of educational events in a 4-year period, will need to do 2 more days of events. A member who has been Inactive for 3 seasons would need 3 days of educational events to move back to Active status. Members will need to catch up with their educational credits in a single season.
  • Age will not be a factor in how often educational updates are required. Every Active Category Certified member will need to take a 1-day event, or the equivalent, every season or a 2-day event every other season.
  • Inactive status members will need to take 2 days of events within 4 seasons.
  • Inactive Certified Membership cannot exceed 8 seasons.
  • Inactive Certified Members may not attend certification exams.
  • Inactive Certified Membership must pay annual dues.
  • Inactive Certified Members may participate in voting.

Alumni Membership Category

  • Certified Members are eligible to move to Alumni Membership Category if you have been a member for at least 10 years.
  • The Alumni Member Category is intended as a permanent status roughly equivalent to a “retired” member.
  • Alumni Members are no longer considered Certified Members.
  • As an Alumni Member, you are not required to take any educational events or earn any CEU credits.
  • An Alumni Member can choose to move back to Active status by catching up on all their CEU requirements (one event day for every season since last due for credits).
  • Alumni Members are welcome to attend educational events their previous certification level would have qualified them to attend at member prices and receive all correspondence and literature.
  • Member benefits remain in place although Alumni Members will not qualify for any Pro Deals from National PSIA-AASI suppliers that require active certification as a qualifier for discounts.
  • Alumni Member dues are $99 (vs. $141 for active members).
  • Alumni Members may not participate in voting.

Lifetime Member

  • Lifetime Membership is requested to/granted at the discretion of the Eastern Board of Directors.
  • Divisional Lifetime Members are not required to pay divisional dues.
  • Divisional Lifetime Members are not required to maintain education credit.
  • Divisional Lifetime Members may participate in voting.

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