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You’ll need to print the order form, and mail or fax it to us. We are unable to accept Bookstore orders over the phone. If you wish, you can scan your order form to and call with your credit card information after you send it. We ask that you do not send credit card information via e-mail.

See below for a description of select Education Materials available from the PSIA-AASI Eastern Division Bookstore:


109 109 – NEW Teaching Snowsports Manual – For all disciplines

This new manual brings to life the three components of PSIA-AASI’s Learning Connection – people skills, teaching skills, and technical skills – to provide a framework for snowsports instructors’ development. It offers invaluable advice on communication, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, effective teaching, and how people learn; wrapping up with a practical, multi-discipline approach to presenting technical material. A perfect companion to Core Concepts for Snowsports Instructors, The Teaching Snowsports Manual is a must-have education resource for all snow pros, regardless of the discipline you teach or lesson specialty.. Teaching Snowsports replaces 2008’s update of Core Concepts for Snowsports Instructors as the preeminent education manual for all snow pros, regardless of the discipline you teach or lesson specialty. 6×9″ 264 pages. 2018.

126 126 – Core Concepts Manual – For all disciplines

The centerpiece of the PSIA-AASI educational system. Well-written and beautifully color illustrated, this book contains topics relevant to all teachers and coaches of winter sports. Emphasizes the core of successful instruction: creating meaningful relationships, memorable experiences, and lifelong learning. Through anecdotes and text, this book shows teachers how to develop proficiency in lesson delivery, assess motivation, build a positive relationship with guests, and customize experiences. It also discusses how to stay at the top of your game in professional development. Topics include human development, guest service, safety, movement assessment, equipment, and the resort environment. 90 pages. 2001.

152 152 – Park & Pipe Instructor’s Guide

This first-edition guide ventures into one of the most innovative areas in snowsports instruction today. Terrain, etiquette, class management, skills, and tricks are all examined in this essential resource. Emphasizes coordinating with all the players who design, maintain, and ride the park and pipe. Teachers and coaches are given visual cues to assess students’ readiness for this special terrain as well as practical ways to help them transition there from all-mountain riding. Designed for all snowsports riders – whether alpine, snowboard, or nordic – this resource shows how to progressively move to larger features and tricks, and ultimately develop personal style. Also includes an extensive glossary of basic and new school terminology. 6 x 9.” 158 pages. 2005.



124 124 – NEW Alpine Technical Manual

This new manual puts a fresh spin on PSIA’s defining skills based approach, retooling fundamental concepts to reflect the diverse demands of modern skiing. A Renewed look at the science of skiing adds depth and clarity to the technical message, and offers a simple and consistent base of knowledge to help you tailor your lessons to any student outcome, prepare for certification, and advance your skiing. 6″x9″. 154 pages. 2014.

149 149 – Tactics for All Mountain Skiing

By Chris Fellows, PSIA Alpine Team member. Fellows draws on his extensive experience to offer ideas for working with upper level skiers. Includes sought-after advice for dealing with moguls, steeps, powder, chutes, and ice. Also covers the successful mindset for all-mountain skiing, along with equipment considerations. This is a must for helping skiers break out of the intermediate rut and move into new territory anywhere on the mountain. 7 x 10.” 108 pages. 2006.

172 172 – PSIA Adult Alpine Teaching Handbook

Produced in cooperation with the Vail and Beaver Creek Ski and Snowboard Schools, this on-hill guide for teaching adults provides progressions, exercises, and helpful tips for every level of student. Includes specific objectives at each level and describes common difficulties, possible causes, and recommended solutions for each. 4-3/4 x 6-1/4″. 310 pages. 2011.

174 174 – Cues to Effective/Ineffective Skiing (Movement Analysis Pocket Guide)

Second Edition – Newly revised, these waterproof cards list simple statements that all alpine instructors can use to describe skiing. Identifies the movement patterns resulting in either fun, functional skiing or in dysfunctional skiing. Developed by the PSIA Alpine Demo Team with the National Education and Certification Committees. These six laminated cards are printed front and back and are fastened together at one corner. 3-1/2 x 5-1/2.” 2005.

17208 17208 – Cues to Effective/Ineffective Teaching

This handy teaching tool comprises six waterproof cards that outline instructor characteristics relating to four teaching skill areas–creativity, communication, knowledge, and process—-that provide for a successful lesson. Similarly, the cards also point out—-within these same four skill areas—-instructor characteristics that would likely contribute to ineffective lessons. These laminated cards are printed front and back and are fastened together at one corner. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2″. 2008.

148 148 – Alpine Stepping Stones Pocket Guide

This handy waterproof edition is packed like a small trail map and folds out to a two-sided 101/2 x 171/2″ piece, showing the route to a remarkable lesson. Patterned to support the concepts of the Alpine Technical Manual, it provides stepping stones charts, Your Responsibility Code, skills concepts, and numerous ideas for assessing student needs. Included are lists of lesson ideas for building, pacing, and providing closure. Use these lists to be the instructor students request. 2-1/2 x 3-3/4.” 2005.



127 127 – NEW Telemark Technical Manual

Answering the question “What is good Telemark Skiing” and giving you the tools you need to improve your own telemark skiing skills and teach amazing lessons! This new manual is the definitive guide to teaching the technique and tactics of alpine free-heel skiing, otherwise known as telemark or nordic downhill. 6″x9″. 112 pages. 2014.



128 128 – NEW Snowboard Technical Manual

Whether you are new to teaching or a seasoned veteran, this brand-new manual will boost your knowledge and support every step, slash, slide and carve you take towards professional development. Expand your skills in the areas of teaching, movement analysis and riding with this update of the AASI Snowboard Teaching System (STS). 6″x9″. 148 pages. 2014.

122 122 – AASI Snowboard Teaching Handbook

Providing guidance for teaching children and adults how to snowboard, this handbook offers drills, exercises, and tips for all ages. Developed in cooperation with the Ski and Snowboard schools of Vail and Beaver Creek, this valuable on-hill resource is designed to fit in your pocket for instant access to coaching ideas for beginner to advanced students, including freestyle. 4-3/4 x 6-1/4”. 314 pages. 2012.

183 183 – AASI Snowboard Instructor’s Guide

This text presents AASI’s Snowboard Teaching System (STS), a contemporary picture of educational necessities. The STS includes three main concepts-riding, teaching, and service-all of which are integral to the instructor’s profession, and support concepts addressing board performance, movement, and the learning process. Numerous photos and accompanying descriptions of movement and performance show the key elements of efficient riding. Includes methods for setting up stance, an extensive glossary of snowboarding terms, and sample lesson plans that can be customized for great results. This guide will help you prepare yourself to teach, attain higher certification, and further your education. 6 x 9″ 142 pages. 2007.

129 129 – Snowboard Movement Analysis Handbook

The AASI Snowboard Movement Analysis Handbook will help you recognize, understand, and apply the elements of movement analysis in snowboard lessons. By observing movements and knowing how they relate to riding, you’ll be better equipped to help students achieve their goals. Includes observational tools and describes several methods for conducting movement analysis. Also contains an extensive table of common movement problems and interventions. Developed by the AASI Task Force and AASI Snowboard Team. Available November 2003.

173 173 – Vail Adult Snowboard Handbook

This handbook covers lesson strategies for adults and provides valuable information in an easy-to-read format. 296 pages.



131 131 – Adaptive Snowsports Instruction Manual

A comprehensive resource for alpine, snowboard, and nordic adaptive instruction. Featuring detailed descriptions of the latest adaptive equipment and skiing/snowboarding techniques, this manual is an up-to-date synopsis of developments in stand-up and sit-down sliding methods. It also serves as an important reference on physical, cognitive, and developmental disabilities. Guidelines for accessibility at resorts are addressed. Contributors include the PSIA-AASI National Adaptive Committee plus specialists in racing, coaching, recreation, medicine, and sports equipment. This text builds on the knowledge and teaching practices outlined in the Core Concepts for Snowsports Instructors manual and in PSIA-AASI snowsports technical manuals. 108 pages. 2003.

331 331 – Coaching Fundamentals for Adaptive Skiers DVD

We are extremely happy to report the completion of this amazing project! The benefits to this product will be far reaching into the future of adaptive programs nationally, becoming the cornerstone to volunteer recruitment, indoor training tool and orientations for all adaptive ski programs in the country. Each chapter represents disciplines in disabilities and discusses equipment, state of the art teaching methodology and safety practices. It also lends humor to a somewhat serious topic, by introducing a fictional character, ‘Captain Adaptive’ to address common safety issues. With thanks to The Gibney Family Foundation and STRIDE Adaptive Sports for grant funding, and four members of the Adaptive Board of PSIA-E, we have developed an outstanding product that will stand the test of time in training new adaptive instructors for years to come. 2013.



264 264 – Children’s Instruction Manual, Second Edition

The second edition of this essential manual expands material about teaching children of all ages and ability. It also provides an organizing tool to show the relationships, experiences, and learning so vital to successfully teaching children to ski and snowboard. Top PSIA-AASI children’s teaching professionals have combined their expertise to update these materials and provide current images. With its focus on the contemporary technical aspects of skiing, snowboarding, and teaching, this edition retains information about the American Teaching System, skills and performance concepts, and the “stepping stones” approach to lesson design. These concepts are supported by information about drills and exercises, progressions, age-specific tips, and movement considerations for all types of learners. This manual describes the tools you need to successfully teach skiing or snowboarding to children. Use it as your guide for delivering safe, creative, professional, and inspirational lessons. 100 pages. 2008.

161 161 – Children’s Alpine Handbook

With a focus of “all children, all the time,” this new handbook—produced in cooperation with the Vail and Beaver Creek training departments—provides countless fun and innovative drills, exercises, and tips to keep your students engaged and learning. This handbook fits in your pocket for quick on-hill reference and covers the spectrum from beginner to advanced, freestyle included. Whether this is your first season of teaching or you’ve been teaching kids for years, you’ll find yourself going back to this handbook time and again for great ideas on how to keep your students moving, learning, and having fun. 4 3/4 x 6 1/4”. 314 pages. 2010.

153 153 – Children’s Ski & Snowboard Movement Guide

This small waterproof booklet is chock full of simple descriptions and images to demystify Children’s movement patterns. It highlights common (“real”) patterns in Children’s skiing and riding, and helps you guide them toward more efficient (“ideal”), developmentally appropriate movements, making it a terrific on-hill reference. Written by PSIA and AASI Children’s specialists. 3-1/2 x 4-1/2.” 28 pages. 2005.

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You’ll need to print the order form, and mail or fax it to us. We are unable to accept Bookstore orders over the phone. If you wish, you can scan your order form to and call with your credit card information after you send it. We ask that you do not send credit card information via e-mail.


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