Can I take an exam in another PSIA-AASI division?

Eastern members may take an exam in another division if they are working and residing in that division. Eastern Division members must provide written confirmation of employment and permission to take the exam from the Ski School Director for whom they are currently employed. This documentation and a letter of request must be provided to the Eastern Division office prior to registering or taking an exam, and at least 3 weeks prior. If the request is approved, the Eastern Division will then provide written approval to the exam hosting division. It is not necessary for a Eastern Division member to transfer to or maintain dual-membership with the division hosting the exam.

The entire exam (all parts, including any prerequisites required in that division) must be passed in ONE division. No part of any exam may be counted toward the exam process in Eastern Division or vice versa should you return or relocate.

Exam results are passed on to the Eastern Division office from the testing division as soon as possible (generally within a few weeks). After receipt of the results, the Eastern Division office will record the pass/fail results as well as the new level, if appropriate. If the candidate has attained a new certification level, the hosting division will issue the appropriate pin and certificate to the member.

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