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What is the reciprocity offered for USSA Members?

All USSA Coaches Level 100 or higher may join PSIA Eastern Division as Alpine Level I Certified Members. In addition, USSA Coaches can attempt any certification exam up to their current level. For example, a Level 300 USSA Coach may attempt the Alpine Level II Exam or the Alpine Level III Exam. Any skiing performance area or teaching module which they have successfully attained, may be banked for life, based on continuous membership. USSA Coaches would be required to fulfill all required prerequisites prior to an exam attempt. If unsuccessful at the exam attempt, the USSA Coach would remain a PSIA Level I Member.

If you have any questions regarding this reciprocity or event requirements, please feel free to call or e-mail the office.


What is a member required to do to maintain certification?

To maintain their PSIA-AASI certification, an Eastern member must renew their membership every season and obtain continuing educational clinic credits (CEUs) as outlined below to maintain membership & keep their certifications in good standing:

Active Certified Members:

  • between ages 16-23, must obtain 12 credits/CEUs (2 days) every 4 seasons.
  • between ages 24-64, must obtain 12 credits/CEUs (2 days) every 2 seasons.
  • between ages 65-74, must obtain 12 credits/CEUs (2 days) every 3 seasons.
  • 75 years and older, must obtain 12 credits/CEUs (2 days) every 4 seasons.

What if my schedule did not permit and I was unable to participate in my update in the season I was due?

If you are not actively teaching and/or have been unable to ski/ride, but wish to remain a member, inactive status is an option. The inactive status form is available by clicking here.

If you fail to maintain these requirements and wish to reinstate at a later date, you would need to go through the reinstatement process.

requirements for recertification


What is the age at which an instructor can become a member?

You can become a Registered Member of PSIA-AASI Eastern Division when you are 15 years old or older.
You can become a Certified Member of PSIA-AASI Eastern Division when you are 16 years old or older.
Click here to find out how to join.


How much are dues for the season?

Membership renewal statements are mailed annually in May, and must be renewed by June 30th to avoid a late fee. The rate will vary based on your membership type. If you become a Registered or Certified member, you pay both divisional and national dues in order to participate in all of the programs and benefits of both organizations.

For the 18/19 season; $59-69 of your dues goes to the National PSIA/AASI organization, while $50-72 goes to support our Eastern office and programs.

  • 18/19 Certified Young Adult (age 16-23) – $109
  • 18/19 Certified Young Adult (age 24-29) – $118
  • 18/19 Certified Core (age 30-69) – $141
  • 18/19 Certified Senior (age 70-74) – $129
  • 18/19 Certified Senior (age 75+) – $119

We also have student, inactive and senior rates available.


What if I join half way through the season?

Our current system does not allow us to prorate dues on a daily basis, but we do our best to accommodate our members by extending membership for any member joining us after a certain date in the season (as noted on the new member application).


What is the student membership rate, and what are the requirements?

Eastern Division members, age 16-23, will receive a discount of $20 off of the Eastern portion of dues and $10 off the National portion of dues. Verification is no longer required.

Eastern Division members, age 24-29 will receive a discount of $20 off of the Eastern portion of dues.

Certified Members, age 16-23, must obtain 12 credits/CEUs (2 days) every 4 seasons.

If you have any questions regarding your renewal rate or your event requirements, please feel free to call or e-mail the office.

  • 18/19 Renewing Young Adult (age 15-23) – $109
  • 18/19 Renewing Young Adult (age 24-29) – $119


What is the senior membership rate, and what are the requirements?

At age 70 or older, member are given a discount of $20 off of the Eastern portion of your membership renewal. These deductions will automatically be made on your membership renewal.

At age 75 or older, member are given a discount of $20 off of the Eastern portion of your membership renewal and $10 off the National portion of your membership renewal. These deductions will automatically be made on your membership renewal.

  • 18/19 Renewing Senior Member (age 75+) – $119
  • 18/19 Renewing Senior Member (age 70-74) – $129


What is the Reinstatement Process?

The reinstatement process was set up to provide former members a path to return to active membership without loss of their prior certification level. If you were a member of PSIA-E/AASI in the past, and are interested in reinstating with us, please fill out the Reinstatement Request Form or fax or e-mail that information to the PSIA-E/AASI office.


I just passed an exam, but I don’t see my new certification on my record. Why is that?

We process exam events back into the database ASAP when we have received all of the information from the event back in the office. Sometimes that can take time to get the paperwork. Your record should reflect your new status once we process the paperwork back into the system. If you still do not see your new certification within a reasonable time (a few weeks), or if there is some urgency to access a program and this delay is causing difficulty, please call us in the PSIA-E/AASI office and we will try to assist.


What are the requirements to be an Inactive member?

A member who would like to renew as inactive must sign an affidavit that they are not actively teaching snowsports for the entire season. Inactive members are exempt from attending clinic updates while they are inactive, although it is recommended to continue to attend clinics to make it easier to return to active status.

  • 18/19 Renewing Inactive Certified Senior Member (age 75+) – $119
  • 18/19 Renewing Inactive Certified Member (age 24-74) – $129
  • 18/19 Renewing Inactive Certified Young Adult Member (age 16-23) – $119

There is more information on the form here:

Inactive Affidavit
Inactive Affidavit
61 KiB



How do I transfer from the Eastern Division to another division?

If you are planning to relocate, you can transfer your membership to another division or you can maintain a dual-membership and continue to be an Eastern member as well. By retaining your Eastern membership, you will continue to receive our Snow Pro divisional newsletter and keep up-to-date on events and happenings here. To begin the transfer process, complete the Transfer Request Form or fax or e-mail that information to the PSIA-AASI Eastern Division office.

Please keep in mind if you want to transfer and not remain a dual member, it is best to transfer in the spring when you receive your membership renewal (before June 30th) to avoid paying extra fees. If you transfer mid-season, you will have to pay $25 to the new division, as well as what you have paid to the Eastern Division, for the current season. You would not be required to pay additional national dues. Only members in good standing are eligible to transfer.

We do our best to process transfer requests to the other division in a timely manner. If your request is made during the off-season, we can accommodate you more quickly. Thank you for understanding.

Feel free to check with us on the status of your transfer at any time. If you have not been contacted by the other division within a reasonable amount of time, we suggest you contact them by phone to complete your transfer. Contact information for the PSIA-AASI divisional offices is listed on the national Member Services site.


How do I transfer from another division to the Eastern Division?

The process of transferring begins with the division where you are a current member. Once they send the request, we handle it after that. Please contact your current division.

In the meantime, glance at our schedule. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to call us in the office.


How often should I receive the Eastern division newsletter, The Snow Pro?

The Snow Pro newsletter is published 4 times a year and ships from Albany, NY, approximately as follows each year:

Summer – July (online only)
Fall – October
Winter – February
Spring – May (online only)


How often should I receive 32 Degrees publication?

32 Degrees: The Journal of Professional Snowsports Instruction is published three times each year.

It tends to mail as follows: Fall in end of September, Winter in end of December, and Spring in end of February.

This publication is mailed from PSIA/AASI National Headquarters. If you need further assistance regarding this mailing, you should contact the national office at:

PSIA/AASI National Office
133 S Van Gordon St, Suite 101
Lakewood, CO 80228
(303) 987-9390


When does the new Accessories Catalog ship?

The Accessories Catalog ships once a year in September/October.

It is shipped from the PSIA/AASI National Headquarters.


I should be getting my 20, 30, 40, or 50 year pin this year. How and when will that be shipped to me?

The PSIA/AASI Anniversary Pins (20, 30, 40 and 50 years) are awarded based on years of uninterrupted membership, and are shipped from the PSIA/AASI National office. If for some reason, you do not receive your expected pin, please call the PSIA-E/AASI office at (518) 452-6095.


I am a certified ski or snowboard instructor from another country. How can I become certified with PSIA-E/AASI?

PSIA-E/AASI offers reciprocity for certain levels of membership in professional snowsports instructor associations in other countries. If you would like more information on what a non-PSIA/AASI certification would equate to, please call the office at (518) 452-6095, or e-mail for more details.

International reciprocity or transfer is based on the premise that when you apply to PSIA-E/AASI, we compare your current certification level in your country to our PSIA/AASI levels. You must take your equivalent certification level exam here. If you pass, you will be certified with PSIA/AASI at that level. Once certified, you can continue to apply for higher levels of certification in your discipline as outlined by each PSIA/AASI division. It is important to note that this process is only applicable if the candidate is a current member in good standing with their primary country organization.

In order to participate in this program, and to allow us to process your membership, event application, and certification; we require that each candidate follow the process and provide the information outlined below.

  1. The candidate must be currently employed at a snowsports school in the Eastern Division, and must be a current member in good standing with their primary organization.
  2. The candidate or Snowsports Manager representing the candidate must contact the PSIA-E/AASI office to discuss their situation, and request permission to enter the program.
  3. If the international organization of the candidate is not one we are familiar with, it will be necessary for the candidate to provide us with as much information as possible to compare their certification levels to ours. We will need this information in order to determine which level is the appropriate entry point for the candidate.
  4. A letter or e-mail defining the details and requirements for the candidate’s specific situation will be sent to the candidate from the PSIA-E/AASI office after these initial conversations and investigation. Please consider that a reasonable amount of time will be required to complete this step. The amount of time necessary will be affected by the amount of information we have on file about the candidate’s organization, or by what information is provided by the candidate.
  5. The event application and required information for international candidates must be received in the PSIA-E/AASI office by the deadline posted on the PSIA-E/AASI event schedule. Adhering to the deadline is critical to our ability to process all of your information in time for the event.
  6. Payment for the applicable exam as priced on the schedule, plus the current seasons dues at the time of application, must be received with the application and package of information. Please call the office to obtain the dollar amount of applicable dues.

At the same time as a candidate sends in his event application and payment, the candidate must provide the following items:

  1. A copy of the letter or e-mail which was sent to the candidate from the PSIA-E/AASI office outlining their transfer details.
  2. Proof of membership and certification level in their primary organization. For example, a copy of a membership card or other documentation which reflects both membership and level as well as provides dated proof of good standing at the time of application would be acceptable. To participate in this program the candidate must be in current good standing as far as dues payment and education credits required by the other organization.
  3. The candidate must provide an e-mail address and contact name of a person in the office of their organization with whom we can communicate in English. Our office will send an e-mail to this individual requesting confirmation of the candidate’s membership, certification level, and good standing. In order to facilitate this communication, it is suggested that the candidate contact their organization’s office and make them aware that we will be requesting this information.
  4. A letter of recommendation from their current Snowsports School Director.

Please call the PSIA-E/AASI office to discuss your particular situation. They will help you determine which path is best for you.

Revised May, 2005



I just got my Level III Certification. How can I sign up for the ISIA Passport Program?

Congratulations on achieving your Level III Certification! The ISIA Passport Program is managed through the National PSIA office. For general information about the Passport Program, go to that page on the national website, www.thesnowpros.org. If your questions are not answered there, please call the national office at (303) 987-9390.


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