I am a certified ski or snowboard instructor from another country. How can I become certified with PSIA-AASI?

PSIA-AASI offers reciprocity for certain levels of membership in professional snowsports instructor associations in other countries. If you would like more information on what a non-PSIA-AASI certification would equate to, please call the office at (518) 452-6095, or e-mail for more details.

International reciprocity or transfer is based on the premise that when you apply to PSIA-AASI, we compare your current certification level in your country to our PSIA-AASI levels. You must take your equivalent certification level exam here. If you pass, you will be certified with PSIA-AASI at that level. Once certified, you can continue to apply for higher levels of certification in your discipline as outlined by each PSIA-AASI division. It is important to note that this process is only applicable if the candidate is a current member in good standing with their primary country organization.

In order to participate in this program, and to allow us to process your membership, event application, and certification; we require that each candidate follow the process and provide the information outlined below.

  1. The candidate must be currently employed at a snowsports school in the Eastern Division, and must be a current member in good standing with their primary organization.
  2. The candidate or Snowsports Manager representing the candidate must contact the PSIA-AASI office to discuss their situation, and request permission to enter the program.
  3. If the international organization of the candidate is not one we are familiar with, it will be necessary for the candidate to provide us with as much information as possible to compare their certification levels to ours. We will need this information in order to determine which level is the appropriate entry point for the candidate.
  4. A letter or e-mail defining the details and requirements for the candidate’s specific situation will be sent to the candidate from the PSIA-AASI office after these initial conversations and investigation. Please consider that a reasonable amount of time will be required to complete this step. The amount of time necessary will be affected by the amount of information we have on file about the candidate’s organization, or by what information is provided by the candidate.
  5. The event application and required information for international candidates must be received in the PSIA-AASI office by the deadline posted on the PSIA-AASI event schedule. Adhering to the deadline is critical to our ability to process all of your information in time for the event.
  6. Payment for the applicable exam as priced on the schedule, plus the current seasons dues at the time of application, must be received with the application and package of information. Please call the office to obtain the dollar amount of applicable dues.

At the same time as a candidate sends in his event application and payment, the candidate must provide the following items:

  1. A copy of the letter or e-mail which was sent to the candidate from the PSIA-AASI office outlining their transfer details.
  2. Proof of membership and certification level in their primary organization. For example, a copy of a membership card or other documentation which reflects both membership and level as well as provides dated proof of good standing at the time of application would be acceptable. To participate in this program the candidate must be in current good standing as far as dues payment and education credits required by the other organization.
  3. The candidate must provide an e-mail address and contact name of a person in the office of their organization with whom we can communicate in English. Our office will send an e-mail to this individual requesting confirmation of the candidate’s membership, certification level, and good standing. In order to facilitate this communication, it is suggested that the candidate contact their organization’s office and make them aware that we will be requesting this information.
  4. A letter of recommendation from their current Snowsports School Director.

Please call the PSIA-AASI office to discuss your particular situation. They will help you determine which path is best for you.

Revised May, 2005


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