What are the changes to the Inactive policy?

Inactive Policy

In the past, Inactive was a dues category that was intended to be a temporary status for members who were not teaching and were unable to take educational updates in the short term. In practice, members in the Inactive Category weren’t required to take educational updates as long as they remained in the Inactive Category. In an effort to standardize the policies and processes across all of the divisions, our board of directors has agreed to the language of the national CEU Management Policy.

CEU Management Policy
A certified member needs to obtain a minimum of 6 CEUs every membership year (July 1 – June 30.) Any CEU hours greater than 6 obtained in a membership year will be applied towards the CEU requirement for the following membership year only.

All Certified members regardless of age will be due for 6 credits every season or 12 credits every other season.

New National Inactive Status:

• Inactive Status is intended to be a temporary status.
• You may choose “Inactive Membership Status” with PSIA-AASI even if you are still an actively teaching snowsports instructor.
• To retain Inactive Status you will now be required to take 12 CEU credits (either a 2-day event, two 1-day events or a combination with online courses) within a 4 year period that starts the season after your last update event.
• Pending completion of that requirement in the first four-year cycle, you have the option to continue your Inactive Membership Status for another 4 year cycle with the same 12 CEU credit requirement within the second cycle of four seasons.
• Membership cards for Inactive status members will indicate that the member is in Inactive Status.
• All benefits still apply, but sponsors may look at this in the future and adjust benefits as they see fit.
• Members can move back to Active status by catching up on their missed educational clinics, so a member who has only done 2 days of educational events in a 4-year period, will need to do 2 more days of events. A member who has been Inactive for 3 seasons would need 3 days of educational events to move back to Active status. Members will need to catch up with their educational credits in a single season.
• Age will not be a factor in how often educational updates are required. Every Active Category Certified member will need to take a 1-day event, or the equivalent, every season or a 2-day event every other season. Inactive status members will need to take 2 days of events within 4 seasons.

Alumni Membership Category

The Alumni Membership Category is now available to Eastern members. This dues category is intended for retired instructors with no plans to return to teaching snowsports.

• Intended for retired instructors
• Must have been a member for at least 10 years to qualify
• No educational updates are required, but members may attend clinics if they want
• Members will not be considered certified
• Benefits that require certification will be affected
• Member is still eligible for all benefits that don’t require certification
• Historical certifications will be listed on the member card
• Alumni Category dues will be $79.00 for the 2020-2021 season
• Will not be able to vote or hold office


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