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The reinstatement process was set up to provide PSIA-AASI Eastern Division former members a path to return to active certified membership without loss of their prior certification level. Each reinstatement situation is unique.  While the reinstatement process provides a way to keep your prior certification level and return to active membership, your previous years of membership will not count toward a future anniversary pin.  When you reinstate, your “Current Join Date” will reflect the date your reinstatement was processed and you can move forward with your membership from there.

After receiving your information and investigating your prior membership details, we will consider your situation and make recommendations of reinstatement or possibly suggest another path as appropriate. Former members who were Certified Level I should note that it is usually financially advantageous to start over as a new member and take a Level I Certification Exam again, but if you choose the reinstatement process instead, it would allow you to reinstate that certification without having to retest for your Level I exam.

During the season, we do our best to reply to you by e-mail (or letter) as soon as we are able. If your request is made during the off season, we can reply to you more quickly with a personalized reinstatement plan. The reinstatement process does not begin until an event application and membership dues are submitted and the reinstatement isn’t considered complete until all education requirements are met.

The following processes apply to reinstatement as a Certified Member:

1 Year Membership Lapse

  • Members who have missed a year of membership dues will be required to pay last season’s membership dues (+ late fee) as well as the current season’s membership dues and continue to follow CEU requirements.

2 – 4 Year Membership Lapse

  • Members will be required to pay a $200 reinstatement fee as well as the current season’s dues.
  • Members will be required to earn 6 CEUs for each year they have not paid dues.
  • Education requirements (CEUs) must be completed in one season.
  • Members who wish to become an inactive certified member must fulfill guidelines for inactive members. (Inactive Certified Members must complete 12 CEUs which are two days of events or the equivalent within four seasons.  Members may only remain in Inactive Status for a maximum of eight seasons.)
  • The person’s membership card will indicate updated status.

5 Years or more Membership Lapse

  • Members will be required to pay a $300 reinstatement fee as well as the current season’s dues.
  • Members will be required to earn 24 CEUs (four days of events or the equivalent) within two seasons. Members will be responsible for working with – and getting approval from – their division for their personal recertification plan.
  • The person’s membership card will show inactive certified status until their personal recertification plan is complete.

Reinstating as an Alumni Category member or a Registered Category member

  • Individuals who were members for at least ten years may reinstate as an Alumni Category member.
  • The reinstatement fee is the same, but there are no CEU requirements.
  • Former members who reinstate in the Alumni or Registered member categories are not considered certified and will still be eligible for ALL benefits that don’t require active certification as a qualifier for discounts.

Call the office to see what events qualify.

An event application and payment must be submitted at the time of reinstatement.

Once your request has been submitted to the office, we will send you a reinstatement application with your details. This application will need to be returned with payment and an event application. Your reinstatement will be complete and your membership card will be mailed when your dues and reinstatement fees are paid, after you have attended your designated educational events.

For more details, give us a call at (518) 452-6095 extension 105, or e-mail us.

Reinstatement Request

The reinstatement process was set up to provide former Eastern Division members a path to return to active membership. If you were a member of the Eastern Division in the past, and are interested in reinstating with us, please provide us with the information below which we will use to find your membership information and history.
  • Your Former Membership - please provide as much detail as possible ...

  • We'll get back to you with what you need to do ...