“Push for Public Awareness” Campaign

Eastern Board Approves “Push for Public Awareness” Campaign

Click here to find out more about the new promotional initiative to promote our members to the skiing and riding public!




  1. Even for Nordic Learn, Turn, Smile is appropriate. Seeing new skiers realize that they don’t have to be afraid of downhills. They can enjoy downhills and direct their skis, control their speed.

  2. Thank you for the Push for Public Awareness Campaign. It is welcomed, and needed very much.

    It would be great if the words “Professional Ski Instructors of America” and “American Association of Snowboard Instructors”; they are so small that most people will not even be able to see or read them from a distance (same goes for the pins). They should be just as big, or even bigger than “Eastern Division”. Look at the golf industry – when you go into a golf Pro Shop, there is usually a big sign on the pro shop window, with the golf pro’s name, PGA Logo, and whether s/he is LPGA/PGA certified. The region they belong to is secondary.