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EVENTSChoosing and registering for a PSIA-AASI Eastern Division event

We figure taking one of our great events is probably tops on your list of things to do with us and without a doubt, to make the most of your membership, taking events as often as possible is the best value! So, we are going to start here!

Most importantly, DON’T BE NERVOUS! Our events as well as our exams are meant to challenge you, and improve you as a skier/rider and instructor. We also want to help you to approach your training as best for your needs, and to continue your career path within PSIA-AASI Eastern Division and with your resort. When you attend an event, enjoy yourself! We hope you leave with a desire to progress further in the ski teaching profession.

What events are available?

Which event should I take?

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  • Also, be sure to talk to your school director or supervisor. If you are able to, find a mentor at the mountain where you work. We find our members are always willing to help new instructors succeed. Don’t be shy; ask your co-instructors, your director, or supervisors for any advice as you start out.

OK, now, how do I register for an event?

What if I want to take my Level I exam as my first event?

Some things to know before you go to an event…

EVENT LOGISTICS INFORMATION – What is included in my event fee? I have lots of questions!

LODGING FOR YOUR EVENT – Where can I stay? Can I get a discount?

OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION – What if I want to take my Level I exam as my first event?

Please don’t think the website is the only resource you have! The Eastern Division office is staffed year-round and we are happy to talk with you and answer any of your questions! Please call us at (518) 452-6095 or drop us an email at psia-e@psia-e.org anytime!