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Board Officers – Executive Committee
Board of Directors
Finance Committee
Alpine Education & Certification Committee
Snow Sports Management Committee
Alpine Steering Committee
AASI Steering Committee
Nordic Steering Committee
Adaptive Steering Committee
Racing Committee
Children’s Committee
Staff Coaches

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Board Officers – Executive Committee
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Board Chair Ross Boisvert
Vice Board Chair Peter Howard
Secretary David Beckwith
Treasurer Peter Holland
Past Board Chair Eric Jordan
National Board Rep Tom Butler

Board of Directors
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Region I Director David Capron
Region I Representative Peter Holland
Region II Director Ted Fleischer
Region II Representative Katherine MacLauchlan
Region III Director David Beckwith
Region III Representative David Welch
Region IV Director Bob Shostek
Region IV Representative Stephen Martin
Region V Director Dick Fox
Region V Representative Joe Hazard
Region VI Director Joan Heaton
Region VI Representative Charlie Knopp
Region VII Director Ty Johnson
Region VII Representative Walter Jaeger
At-Large Kathryn Brinton
At-Large David Isaacs

Finance Committee
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Chairperson Peter Holland
Ted Fleischer
Dick Fox
Ex-Officio Michael Mendrick
Ex-Officio Elaine Canell

Alpine Education & Certification Committee
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Chairperson Christopher Ericson
Region I Kathy Brennan
Region II Charlie Rockwell
Region III Rick D’Elia
Region IV Jes Stith
Region V Rick Downing
Region VI Doug Hammond
Region VII Mark Rotellini
At Large Mac Jackson

Snowsports School Management Committee
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Chairperson Gail Setlock
Region I John Pawlak
Region II Greg Fatigate
Region III Steven Positano
Region IV Andrew Davis
Region V Mark Vivian
Region VI John Shepard
Region VII Joe Darmofalski
Area Rep Coordinator Joan Heaton
Ex-Officio Don Haringa
Ex-Officio Melissa Skinner

Alpine Steering Committee
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Chairperson Don Haringa
 Alpine Ed Staff Chair Erik Barnes
 Examiner Coach Matt Boyd
 Dev Team Coach Kathy Brennan
 ETS Coach Douglas Daniels
 Alpine Ed & Cert Chair Christopher Ericson
 ACE Team Coach Sue Kramer
 At Large Pete Howard
 At Large Robert Shostek

AASI Steering Committee
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Chairperson Ted Fleischer
Advisor Brian Donovan
Rob Bevier
Terry Duffield
Amy Gan
Tommy Morsch
Thomas Mulligan
Ex-Officio Don Haringa

Nordic Steering Committee
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Chairperson Mickey Stone
Karen Dalury
Jay Nation
Keith Rodney
Shawn Riggle
Randy French
Mike Innes
Hal Westwood

Adaptive Steering Committee
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Chairperson Kathy Chandler
Coach Augie Young
Geoff Krill
Jimmer Hayes
John Swartwood
Leslie White
Rob Bevier
Ex-Officio Don Haringa

Racing Advisory Committee
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Chairperson Lucas Martin
James Catalano
Thomas Chase
Douglas Hammond
John Jacobs
David Wenn
Brian Whatley

Children’s Committee
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Chairperson Martina Buckley
Region I Steve McGrath
Region II Alison Clayton-Cummings
Region III Breezy Grenier
Region IV James McHale
Region V Mary Claire Vivian
Region VI Lisa Gouwens
Region VII Pierce Byrd
At Large Mac Jackson

Staff Coaches
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ACE Coach Sue Kramer
Adaptive Ed Staff Coach Augie Young
Alpine Dev Team Coach Kathy Brennan
Alpine ETS Coach Douglas Daniels
Alpine Examiner (X) Coach Matt Boyd
Nordic Cross Country Dev Team Coach Hal Westwood
Nordic Telemark Dev Team Coach John Doan
Snowboard Examiner (X) Coach Tommy Morsch
Snowboard Teams’ Coach Todd Ainsworth

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