Division Education Staff

Mark Absalom Alpine Examiner
Jason D. Audette Alpine Examiner
Terrence Barbour Alpine Examiner Emeritus
Erik R Barnes Alpine Examiner
Ellen Beck Alpine Examiner
William Beerman Alpine Examiner Emeritus
Tom Bird Alpine Examiner
Mermer Blakeslee Alpine Examiner Emeritus
Jeb Boyd Alpine Examiner
Matthew Boyd Alpine Examiner
Timothy Patrick Bradley Alpine Examiner
Kathleen A. Brennan Alpine Examiner
J. Michael Bridgewater Alpine Examiner
Paul Brown Alpine Examiner Emeritus
David Capron Alpine Examiner
Frank A. Cartwright, Jr. Alpine Examiner
Thomas D Chase Alpine Examiner
Suzy Chase-Motzkin Alpine Examiner Emeritus
Stephen J Cook, Sr. Alpine Examiner
Alison Cummings Alpine Examiner Emeritus
Douglas W. Daniels Alpine Examiner
Chris Dayton Alpine Examiner
Matt M Dembinski Alpine Examiner
Raymond A. DeVerry Alpine Examiner Emeritus
Richard Downing Alpine Examiner
Michael K. Duricko Alpine Examiner
Matthew Ellis Alpine Examiner
Christopher Ericson Alpine Examiner
Philip Freudenberger Alpine Examiner
Nathan E. Gardner Alpine Examiner
Lloyd Michael Gonzales Alpine Examiner Emeritus
Pamela V. Greene Alpine Examiner
Emily D. Gregg Alpine Examiner
Bruno Gubetta Alpine Examiner Emeritus
Joshua David Haagen Alpine Examiner
Douglas Hammond Alpine Examiner
Donald Haringa Alpine Examiner Emeritus
Keith Hopkins Alpine Examiner Emeritus
Peter Howard Alpine Examiner Emeritus
Stephen Howie Alpine Examiner Emeritus
Richard “Mac” Jackson Alpine Examiner
Eric Jordan Alpine Examiner
Charlie Knopp Alpine Examiner
Susan R. Kramer Alpine Examiner
Eric Lipton Alpine Examiner
Lucas H. Martin Alpine Examiner
Mr Hayden McLaughlin Alpine Examiner Emeritus
Brian McVicker Alpine Examiner
Stephen D. Moore Alpine Examiner Emeritus
George F. Myers Alpine Examiner
Peter Novom Alpine Examiner
Leigh Pierini Alpine Examiner
James Pottinger Alpine Examiner
Thomas Riford Alpine Examiner
Kristi Mccarthy Robertson Alpine Examiner
Charles E. Rockwell Alpine Examiner Emeritus
Kenneth Sauer Alpine Examiner
Lisa Harrington Segal Alpine Examiner
Gail Setlock Alpine Examiner
Robert Shostek Alpine Examiner Emeritus
Aleks Smith Alpine Examiner
Brian Smith Alpine Examiner
Harold Smith Alpine Examiner
Doug A. Stewart Alpine Examiner
Jes Stith Alpine Examiner
Thomas M. Sullivan Alpine Examiner Emeritus
Rick Svencer Alpine Examiner Emeritus
Lani R. Tapley Alpine Examiner Emeritus
Timothy Thompson Alpine Examiner
Matthew W Tinker Alpine Examiner
Troy Walsh Alpine Examiner
Peter Weber Alpine Examiner
Richard T. Weiss, Jr. Alpine Examiner Emeritus
David M. Wenn Alpine Examiner Emeritus
Brian A. Whatley Alpine Examiner Emeritus
Stanley Wilkes Alpine Examiner
David Wisniewski Alpine Examiner
Austin Young Alpine Examiner
William Eric Anderson Alpine Examiner Training Squad
Candace Lee Charles Alpine Examiner Training Squad
Wayne Conn Alpine Examiner Training Squad
Brian J Dolin Alpine Examiner Training Squad
Joe Hanzalik Alpine Examiner Training Squad
Jeff J. Korajczyk Alpine Examiner Training Squad
Michael P. Logsdon Alpine Examiner Training Squad
Jeannie E. Masters Alpine Examiner Training Squad
Patrick McCord Alpine Examiner Training Squad
Keri C. Reid Alpine Examiner Training Squad
Angelo J. Ross, III Alpine Examiner Training Squad
Victor J Antonelli Alpine DEV Team
Mr. W. Jay Barranger Alpine DEV Team
Stephen R. Barry Alpine DEV Team
Alec Blossom Alpine DEV Team
Kathryn Brinton Alpine DEV Team
John Carey Alpine DEV Team
Chris Carter Alpine DEV Team
Lonny Clark Alpine DEV Team
Gordon Coxe Alpine DEV Team
Ned Crossley Alpine DEV Team
Benjamin DeBenedictis Alpine DEV Team
Alexandra Doro Alpine DEV Team
Matthew Heller Alpine DEV Team
Scott Hoisington Alpine DEV Team
Eric Kelley Alpine DEV Team
Joshua Matta Alpine DEV Team
Paul Mawhinney Alpine DEV Team
Brennan McCleary Alpine DEV Team
Nathaniel Mead Alpine DEV Team
Anthony Parissi Alpine DEV Team
James Polinchok Alpine DEV Team
David Raybould Alpine DEV Team
Brandon Rist Alpine DEV Team
Charles Roy Alpine DEV Team
Gerardo Salazar Alpine DEV Team
Gary B. Saperstein Alpine DEV Team
Billy J. Shreve Alpine DEV Team
Alessandra Spaulding Alpine DEV Team
Jimmy Whiteley Alpine DEV Team
James H. Wilkinson Alpine DEV Team
Bethany Yellis Alpine DEV Team
Todd G. Ainsworth AASI Examiner
Holly A. Andersen AASI Examiner
Greg Andrews AASI Examiner
Rob Bevier AASI Examiner
Chance Caswell AASI Examiner
Shaun Cattanach AASI Examiner
Brian P. Donovan AASI Examiner
Terry A. Duffield, Jr. AASI Examiner
Greg Fatigate AASI Examiner
Bryan L. Fielding AASI Examiner
E. Ted Fleischer AASI Examiner
Amy E Gan AASI Examiner
KC Gandee AASI Examiner
Mark Garon AASI Examiner
John R. Hobbs AASI Examiner
Bonnie Kolber AASI Examiner
David Lynch AASI Examiner
Mark G. Marino AASI Examiner
Tommy Morsch AASI Examiner
Daniel Munn AASI Examiner
James Pearce AASI Examiner
Timothy Silfies AASI Examiner
Adam Steckler AASI Examiner
Burleigh E. Sunflower AASI Examiner
Thomas A. Vickery AASI Examiner Emeritus
Ian T. Boyle AASI Examiner Training Squad
Toby L Burrows AASI Examiner Training Squad
Eric G Wright AASI Examiner Training Squad
Anthony Bailey AASI DEV Team
Loren Dailey AASI DEV Team
Thomas Mulligan AASI DEV Team
Holly A. Andersen Adaptive Snowboard Examiner
Rob Bevier Adaptive Snowboard Examiner
Gwen Allard Adaptive Examiner Emeritus
Katharine Chandler Adaptive Examiner Emeritus
Patrick Crowley Adaptive Examiner Emeritus
James Hayes, IV Adaptive Examiner
Geoff A Krill Adaptive Examiner
Edward Meltzer Adaptive Examiner
David J. Micalizzi Adaptive Examiner
John B Swartwood, III Adaptive Examiner
Austin Young Adaptive Examiner
Kim R. Seevers Adaptive Examiner Training Squad
Alisa Anderson Adaptive Clinic Leader
Lindsey Harris Adaptive Clinic Leader
Joseph Hurley Adaptive Clinic Leader
Aurora Kushner Adaptive Clinic Leader
Daniel C. McIntyre Adaptive Clinic Leader
Norman Staunton Adaptive Clinic Leader
Leslie White Adaptive Clinic Leader
Mary Ellen Whitney Adaptive Clinic Leader
Col Bart L. Woodworth Adaptive Snowboard Educator
Dr Craig A. Yunker Adaptive Snowboard Educator
Michael Ma Adaptive Snowboard DEV Team
James Moore Adaptive Snowboard DEV Team
Mike Beagan Telemark Examiner
Mr Shannon Belt Telemark Examiner
David Capron Telemark Examiner
Matt Charles Telemark Examiner
Karen L Dalury Telemark Examiner
John Doan Telemark Examiner
Bruce Hennessey Telemark Examiner
Mark Lacek Telemark Examiner
F. Jay Nation, Jr. Telemark Examiner
Ali Pirnar Telemark Examiner
Keith Rodney Telemark Examiner
John A.E. Russell Telemark Examiner
Donald G. Sensenig Telemark Examiner
Mickey Stone Telemark Examiner Emeritus
James C. Tasse Telemark Examiner
John Tidd Telemark Examiner Emeritus
Christian J. Nation Telemark DEV Team
Shawn Riggle Telemark DEV Team
Adele Wellman Telemark DEV Team
Elizabeth Doan Telemark DCL Team
David H. Gould Telemark DCL Team
Adam S Kline Telemark DCL Team
Greg Paquin Telemark DCL Team
Chris G Roundy Telemark DCL Team
Randy French Cross Country Examiner Emeritus
Michael Innes Cross Country Examiner
Mark Lacek Cross Country Examiner
Mr Dale K. Rodgers Cross Country Examiner
Mickey Stone Cross Country Examiner Emeritus
Julia West Cross Country Examiner
Hal Westwood Cross Country Examiner
Andrew Gelinas Cross Country DEV Team
Mark Aiken ACE Team
Martina Buckley ACE Team
Gary Caudle ACE Team
Benjamin R. Craig ACE Team
Alison Cummings ACE Team
Lynette D. Dawson ACE Team
Maureen BH Drummey ACE Team
Joseph Forte ACE Team
Richard “Mac” Jackson ACE Team
Bonnie Kolber ACE Team
Susan R. Kramer ACE Team
Bonnie O’Hara ACE Team
James Polinchok ACE Team
Meghan Price ACE Team
Keith Rodney ACE Team
Alan David Sadler ACE Team
Christopher N. Saylor ACE Team
Timothy J Shannon ACE Team
Harold Smith ACE Team
Mickey Stone ACE Team
Timothy Thompson ACE Team
Evan Vomacka ACE Team
Earl B. Whitmore, Jr. ACE Team

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Read @PSIAEAASI member Russ Kauff’s breakthrough lesson story about helping a student with "Reggae, not Rammstein”: https://t.co/j8QLlfftdQ
34 months ago
nateteachskiNathan Gardner
RT @TheSnowPros: Read @PSIAEAASI member Russ Kauff’s breakthrough lesson story about helping a student with "Reggae, not Rammstein”: https:…
34 months ago

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