Board Elections

Election for a Board Seat in the Mid-Atlantic Zone (NY, NJ, PA) for a three-year term 2021 – 2024

Overview for Members and Candidates 

It is time for interested members living or teaching in the newly defined Mid-Atlantic Election Zone (NY, NJ, PA), to declare your candidacy for the Board of Directors for the next three-year term of office beginning spring of 2021-24. The following is an overview of this process. We encourage you to review this and get involved!

  1. Members interested in running for a Board seat must complete the candidacy form found here:
    Click here for the CANDIDACY FORM

    It must be sent via e-mail to elections@psia-e.org by December 31, 2020. Late candidacy forms will not be accepted.
  2. Elections for regional Board representatives are for three (3) year terms (beginning April 1, 2021 and concluding March 31, 2024).
  3. Qualifications for the Board seats: Must be a certified Level 1, 2 or 3 member in your fourth year of continuous membership. To hold office on the Board via general election, a member must run for election in either the zone of his/her residence or the zone of his/her snowsports teaching affiliation. A member that runs for election under one condition (e.g. affiliation) may not run for the board in the subsequent zone election under another condition (e.g. residence).
    • Election Zone 1: Northern New England (NH, ME, VT)
    • Election Zone 2: Southern New England (CT, MA, RI)
    • Election Zone 3: Mid-Atlantic (NY, NJ, PA)
    • Election Zone 4: South (MD, VA, WV, DE, NC)
  4. For the purpose of zone elections, members may vote or run for election in the zone of their home residence state.
  5. Any candidate that may have a material conflict of interest in serving as a Board member must report the details of his or her situation concurrent with the candidacy form.
  6. There will be a dedicated web page for the election including candidate profiles and the ability for members to cast a secure vote online. This will be opened to all members in the designated election zone by January 15, 2021. Voting will conclude on March 1, 2021.
  7. All submitted candidacy forms will be acknowledged by e-mail. Any concerns about confirmation must be resolved before the deadline.
  8. Upon receipt of all valid candidacy forms, the division office will compile candidate profiles from all candidates in each electing zone. These profiles will appear in the broadcast e-mail to zone members along with the official web page dedicated to the 2021 election.
  9. Voting for the 2021 election will take place online via electronic voting on a secure, dedicated web page. Online voting will begin in mid-January and end on March 1, 2021.
  10. As a voting member, you may choose to be affiliated with one election zone – the one in which you work as a snowsports instructor or the one in which you live. You should affiliate your membership with the region in which you are most active as a snowsports instructor. The zone in which you live is the default as your designated zone for elections. In order to change your zone affiliation (to where you teach as an instructor) you must notify the division office in writing (e-mail accepted) by January 7th for the upcoming election.
  11. Official results will be announced by March 10, 2021 via broadcast e-mail, social media and the PSIA-E web site.

Being an elected or appointed official requires some commitment. We urge interested members who have the interest, time and capability to review the following board-related governance documents and consider running for a seat on your Eastern Board of Directors.  

Click here for the Eastern Board Structure

Click here for the Eastern Board Policy Manual

This is your organization; your participation and your vote CAN make a difference. Get involved!